Project: Tech4Ed Center Project (Technology for Education to gain Employment and to empower Entrepreneurs towards Economic Development)

Aklan Tech4Ed and Technology Business Incubation Center

Steps how to avail this service:

  1. Visit LEIPO Office (the secretariat of Aklan ICT Council) located at 2nd floor SP Building, Capitol Grounds, Kalibo
  2. Fill-out client application form.
  3. Avail free usage of Tech4Ed Center

Contact Persons:

  1. Marsh B. Bernabe
  2. Jecyl L. Bantigue
  3. Christine L. Castillo
  4. Jerel Alzaga

Contact Number: (036) 268 – 4087

Client’s Counterpart: Responsible usage of the Center.

How this project may help OFWs?

  1. Provides direct government services to OFWs through online access at the Tech4Ed Center.
  2. There are installed applications for them to utilize such as:
    • LEAP (Learning English Application for Pinoys) which may help our OFWs develop English language skills in order for them to be qualified for employment in call centers/ BPO Companies.
    • ALS (Alternative Learning System) which enable then to learn through informal education
  3. Providing digital and employment opportunities for OFWs thru online platforms which they can access freely and enable them to earn as freelancers.