Local Products Available and Business and Investment Opportunities per Municipality

Local Government Unit Main Products and Industries One Town One Product Preferred Investments
Altavas Seal
Municipality of Altavas
Copra, Banana, Palay, Root Crops, Livestock, Prawns, Crabs, Oysters, Puto Tustado (Roasted Puto) Swine Livestock Gasoline Station, Fast Food
Balete Seal
Municipality of Balete
Rice, Copra, Banana, Livestock, Piña Fiber Production, Piña Weaving, Nito Weaving, Tayok-Tayok Weaving    
Batan Seal
Municipality of Banga
Citrus, Rambutan, Lanzones, Banana, Dragon Fruit, Marang, Mangostene, Durian Organic Vegetable, Citrus – Calamansi, Rambutan Malls, Supermarkets, Convenient Stores, Fast Food Chains and Dine-in Restaurants, Pharmacies, Veterinary Clinics, Parking & Terminals for Lease, Banks and other Financial Institutions, Lodge, Hotels and Inn’s
Batan Seal
Municipality of Batan
Oyster, Bibingka Cake Grouper Culture (Lapu-lapu) Fish Pond Operators, Areas for Oyster and Mussel Culture and Sea Weeds Culture, Development of Resorts, Development of Kalantiaw Shrine into a viable tourism site, Seaport Development
Buruanga Seal
Municipality of Buruanga
Native Bracelets, Native Necklace,
Buri Bags, Buri Mat Weaving,
Nito Trays & Bags
Municipality of Ibajay
Polvoron, Pottery Coco-based Products Agri Eco-Tourism, Agri Business Light Manufacturing, Property Development
Kalibo Seal
Municipality of Kalibo
  Loom weaving using Piria, Abaca or Raffia  
Lezo Seal
Municipality of Lezo
Bricks, Decorative Jars, Planters, Milk Pastillas, Abaca Products, Ampaw (Pop Rice) and other rice-based delicacies, Piña Products    
Libacao Seal
Municipality of Libacao
Livestock, Poultry Abaca Fiber Abaca Processing Plant, Cacao, Banana, Cassava, Coffee Processing, Agro-Tourism Facilities, Hydro Construction and Establishment, Machine Shop, Metal Craft, Franchise Food Chain
Madalag Seal
Municipality of Madalag
Abaca, Copra, Rice, Bamboo, Nito, Corn    
Makato Seal
Municipality of Makato
Abaca Fiber, Raffia Fiber, Piña Fiber Seafood Fast Food Chains, Supermarkets
Malay Seal
Municipality of Malay
Malinao Seal
Municipality of Malinao
Nito Handicrafts, Bamboo Crafts, Filipino Fiber Fashion Manufacturer Abaca Slipper  
Nabas Seal
Municipality of Nabas
Nito Products, Sea Urchins, Sea Shells, Rice Cake Bariw Crafts Printing & Publishing, Tourist Facilities, Supermarkets
New Washington Seal
Municipality of
New Washington
Crispy Shrimps, Banana Crackers Deboned Bangus Fast Foods, Tourist Facilities, Supermarkets
Numancia Seal
Municipality of Numancia
Roasted Chicken Organic Culture, Vermi Cast Agribusiness, Tourist Facilities, Property Development Infrastructure and Services, Forestry, Printing & Publishing, Vermiculture
Tangalan Seal
Municipality of Tangalan
Nito Craft, Pina Weaving, Taro and Banana Chips Production, Hollow Block Making Eco-Tourism Banks, Tourist Facilities,Fast Foods, Eatery (Carenderia), Saloon, Printing & Publishing

Source: Cost of Doing Business Booklet

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